Valentines Day

Put Art In Your Heart ... Everyone is an artist @ Puddy Mud...This Valentines Day create your own masterpiece for that special someone in your life..

Bottle Slumping

Bottle slump
  1. Whats new at Puddy Mud?  Bottle slumping!  Bring us a bottle from a special occasion like a wedding or anniversary  and we can magically turn those bottles into cheese platters, spoon rests, incense burners, salsa bowls and so much more.  Or you can choose from our private collection of bottles we have in store. Visit our gallery to view sampes of our beautifully hand beaded and wired selection of slumped bottle art for purchase.

Glass Fusion


 Puddy Mud is is excited aboout Glass fusion.. Customers can create their own beautiful sun catchers, plates, candle holders, jewelry and more right here at our all hands inclusive art studio.  Great fun for all ages!

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